Below, are our current listings of homes for sale in Lindsborg and the surrounding communities.

Additionally, other available area properties are listed below.

Our agents would be happy to show you any of these properties. Please call 785-227-2929 to set up an appointment.  You can also visit our Team page to contact an agent directly!


Our Current Listings:

Properties are selling FAST!! Contact one of our agents about listing your property or let us show you one of the properties currently available (see below).



Other Available Properties:

Lindsborg Homes

217 S. Third41+$109,900Lindsborg Realty
41A Willow Lake Dr. Apt. A22$149,000Lindsborg Realty
206 S. 3rd St.42$155,000Mari Loder
522 N. Pine St.43$189,000Lindsborg Realty
206 Northridge Ct.53$219,000Coldwell Banker-APW
612 N. 3rd St.32$240,000Lindsborg Realty
226 W. Lincoln42$337,500Coldwell Banker-APW

Rural Homes

1362 Rainbow Rd., Lindsborg31$175,000Ellene McKean
669 Pueblo Road, Marquette43$327,000KSI Realty
2527 18th Ave. Lindsborg33+$699,000Sheets-Adams

Area Homes

410 N. Washington, Marquette21$20,000Coldwell Banker-APW
508 W. 4th St., Marquette43$115,000Ellene McKean
12 Lakeview Dr. Marq.31$159,500Ideal Real Estate
370 Wells Fargo Rd., Marq.42$172,000Coldwell Banker-APW
307 W. 5th, Marquette43$229,500Coldwell Banker-APW

Building Sites

Quivira Rd., Lindsborg40$189,000Ellene Mckean & Assoc.
1st Ave., Marquette79.81$219,500Karl Esping